Fall Fashion 2013: The Guy Blogger Photoshoot

Photos by Michele Crowe

As I’ve mentioned in Mansumer Reports, as Guy Code Blog grows more companies want to send us schwag to shoot photos of, mention in columns, review, etc. Getting random free stuff is a nice perk of blogging. Until recently, that random free stuff never included clothing. After all, what does a MTV.com bro-blogger know about fashion? No one around this office bats an eye if I show up to work in a Big Johnson tank-top and cut-off jeans — which was my uniform throughout this summer.

That said, 20JEANS and Champs Sports still offered to send me some fall fashions. Since 20JEANS creates a variety of “looks” on their website, like “The Texas Tycoon” and “The Beer Snob,” I asked if they’d create “The Guy Blogger” look. Next thing I know, I’ve got a box of clothing. Since I’m horrible at matching clothing on my own, MTV Style’s Gaby Wilson offered to help and the below photos are the result.

Yes, this was shot in my office-cubicle at 1515 Broadway and yes, I realize I’m not a professional model.

adidas adicolor T-shirt by Champs Sports, Vantage Point jeans by 20Jeans, shoes by an adidas outlet store I stopped at on roadtrip through Pennsylvania and tangled phone chord by my lack of patience with phone chords

please notice the “incredibly tacky black velvet bullfight painting” in background. that description is how a second-hand store owner sold it to me for $19.95.

outfit by 20Jeans, “chilly look” by high school drama classes (thank you Mr. Siler)


outfit by 20Jeans, adidas Originals Hard Court shoes by Champs Sports

outfit by 20Jeans, adidas Originals Hard Court shoes by Champs Sports, effeminate look by photographer telling me to “look natural”

added cup of tea and rejuve e-cigarette to really class things up. in addition to blowing smoke through my nose, I can occasionally blow smoke rings.

aviator sunglasses by 20Jeans, fake space helmet by Axe Apollo promotion

outfit by 20Jeans, chair by Target, hobbit feet by father’s genes

this is how I look up when someone calls to me from across the office

shirt by 20Jeans, trunk by Dos Equis beer promotion, painting by grandfather taking an art class at community college

this is how I end each day of work — deeply considering the weight of running a blog for young males

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