How To Live Your Life According To Drake’s New Album

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Drake already gave “YOLO” to the world, and now he’s back with “Nothing Was The Same,” which delivers more wisdom and further breaks down the masculine mystique. Here are some of the new album’s inspirational lines to use in your everyday existence.

1. “Wanted to tell you, ‘Accept yourself’ / You don’t have to prove s**t to no one except yourself” (“Tuscan Leather”)

The standards you set for yourself are the only ones that matter. Self-love is very important. No, not the self-love you’re thinking about. That will make you go blind.

2. “F**k a fake friend / where your real friends at?” (“Started From The Bottom”)

Take a good, long look at your Facebook friends list. How many of them really matter to you? We’re talking about the ones who send you event invitations and you don’t reply with “Maybe.” Keep them close to you. Those are your real friends.

3. “When’s the last time you did something for the first time?” (“Own It”)

You have to keep seeking out new experiences or else you’re not really alive. That said, “When’s the last time you did something for the first time?” is an awkward question to ask on a first date — it’ll make you sound way too kinky.

4. “I like when money makes a difference, but don’t make you different” (“From Time”)

Don’t let your salary define you. Sure, you might be able to afford a few more beers than your friend at the bar, but remember: You started from the bottom. Now you’re here. Buy a round, and then buy another if he can’t afford it.

5. “Girl, I guess procrastination is my weakness” (“Connect”)

Boom. Drake just saved your relationship. The next time you’re late for a date, just break out this lyric. Women live to find out what makes you vulnerable. Now you can tell her: It’s procrastination. Even if it really isn’t — it’s Drake’s weakness, and women love Drake.

6. “Moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it” (“Too Much”)

This one hits on multiple levels. If your relationship has run its course, cut her loose. If you’ve eaten one too many buffalo wings at the bar watching a UFC fight, go home. Once it stops being fun, it’s not worth sticking around for. Plain and simple.

7. “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are” (“Pound Cake”)

It’s understandable if you find it hard to take any advice from a song called “Pound Cake,” but listen to Drizzy. He’s dropping knowledge here. The only problem is if you think you’re a douche and then you actually are.

8. “But that’s just me and I ain’t perfect / I ain’t a saint but I am worth it” (“All Me”)

Everybody has flaws, but you’re bigger than your weaknesses. (And we don’t mean “procrastination.”) If you can see that in yourself, then other people will, too.

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