The 5 Best Sports Video Games For Fall

Credit: Gregg O’Connell/Flickr

Fall is a magical time of year for sports fans — football gets in full swing, hockey pucks start to fly, and let’s not forget soccer. As if that weren’t enough, the latest in sports video games are released. With killer graphics and much-improved multiplayer features, this year’s roster will make you new friends both online and down the dorm room hall…

1. “Madden 25″

Credit:EA Sports

The namesake football title is back in its 25th year. With more realism than previous versions, “Madden 25” adds 30 new moves, allowing you to hit harder, juke quicker and stiff-arm your opponent without breaking a sweat. We especially liked the ability to follow your fantasy football league while in the game — now there really isn’t a reason for you to get off your ass on a Sunday.

2. “WWE 2K14″

Credit: 2K Sports

If you want to throw a serious beat down without risking any pain, then pick up 2K’s latest WWE title. With 30 years of WrestleMania packed into one game, there’s enough spectacle for any wrestling fan. With a Superstar roster from years back to the present day, “WWE 2K14” gives you hundreds of moves to choose from and graphics that will have you (almost) feeling every slam.

3. “NHL 14″

Credit: EA Sports

With the temperature dropping like weak wingers, “NHL 14” is a game that Lord Stanley would be happy to drop $60 on. The latest version adds new modes, including the ability to be the GM of a team. Also, EA borrowed the fighting engine from its “Fight Night” franchise to make even the toughest player cry like a baby.

4. “FIFA 14″

Credit: EA Sports 

Although soccer isn’t on most American guys’ DVR lists, the world’s most popular sport is gaining traction in the States year after year. EA’s “FIFA 14″ title is about as real as you can get without huffing and puffing on the field for 90 minutes. The latest version features stunning graphics, true-to-life ball physics, improved co-op sessions, “Legends” mode and the ability to create a superstar-packed team to challenge the most experienced players around. GOALLLLLLLLLL!

5. “NBA 2K14″

Credit: 2K Sports

There’s nothing better than trash-talking and slam-dunking your buddies from the comfort of your easy chair. This year’s version of “NBA 2K(14)” brings back the popular “MyTeam” mode and signature moves, plus has slightly improved graphics and a handpicked soundtrack by cover star LeBron James. Bring it.

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Craig Goldstein (@techmywifeplz) works out by sweating through a tough game of “Madden.”