Today’s Badass: Man Fights Grizzly In His Tent — And Wins

Grizzly Bear Warnings
Photo: Getty Images

As a guy born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, I could tell you that bear-wrestling isn’t particularly impressive — it’s just light morning exercise — but that would be total bulls**t. Alaskans aren’t scared of much, but we have a healthy respect for grizzlies.

That’s why Jason Lauesen of Fairbanks is Today’s Badass. At 6 a.m., a bear clawed its way into his tent, ripping his inflatable mattress and salivating on his pillow. Most people would shriek uncontrollably, their lives flashing before their eyes, but not Lauesen. “My first reaction was to punch, so I did,” he told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

The animal scurried 30 feet away, giving Lauesen and his girlfriend time to reach their vehicle for safety. In lieu of a photo, here’s an artistic rendering of the epic battle:

Photo: Street Fighter Media

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