Chris Distefano & Carly Aquilino Just Moved In Together

chris and carly

If you’re in a relationship long enough, you’ll have to make a huge decision: Whether your girlfriend should also be your roommate. It means less freedom to be an unhygienic slob — and fewer hours to watch porn sports — but, let’s face it, that’s probably for the best.

We mention it because Chris Distefano from “Guy Code” finally no longer lives with his mom. Over the weekend, he lugged all his stuff into a new apartment with girlfriend (and “Girl Code” costar) Carly Aquilino. You’ve already heard the story of how they met — now watch Carly’s Instagram videos of their big move…

Don’t worry, Chris, it’ll be great — just follow these “7 Tips For Living (Happily) With A Girlfriend.”

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