High-Tech Sneakers With Extra Kick To Get You Going

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If you’re a true sneakerhead, you don’t want to lace up a ratty old pair of gym shoes for your workout. Ever since the advent of built-in pumps for a good feel and holes on the sides to cool our feet, we’ve demanded the latest and greatest in sneaker tech. With so many choices on the shelves, here are six new kicks to put more than a spring in your step.

1. Under Armour SpeedForm RC ($120)

Credit: Under Armour

UA’s Speedform RC sneakers feel as comfortable as worn-in slippers, but they feature ultrasonic welded seams, 4D foam sock liners, stick-the-road grip and a unique look. Also, UA designed these in a bra factory — who could know better about a seamless fit?

2. Adidas Springblade ($180)

Credit: Adidas

Designed to help runners improve their form on the road, Springblades make it feel as if you’re running on pogo sticks. Each shoe is designed with 16 downward-facing “blades” to create a spring effect when hitting the ground. Be prepared to get some strange looks, but also be prepared to get in serious shape.

3. Nike FreeTrainer 5.0 ($95)

Credit: Nike

Crisscrossed bands give the Nike Free Trailer 5.0 a uniquely snug fit. Once you slip into these lightweight, ultra-supportive trainers, you’ll almost feel as if you’re running barefoot, except with way more comfort.

4. Reebok ATV19 ($95)

Credit: Reebok

For the guy who loves to work out in the great outdoors, Reebok’s ATV19+ trainers are built like an all-terrain vehicle for your feet. They feature 19 irregular lugs that rip up the ground as you move. Save your money on a gym membership by staying outside.

5. Gravity Defyer ($145)

Credit: Gravity

Gravity Defeyrs might look plain, but regardless of their appearance, any sneaker that has a trampoline sole (and has the name “Gravity Defyers”) makes our list.

6. PUMA Faas Lite Golf Shoes ($100)

Credit: PUMA

For the guy who hits the links to get his workout, the lightweight Fass Lites improve your swing posture, feature SmartQuill traction technology, and are guaranteed waterproof. You’ll never want to ride in a golf cart again.

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