‘Worst Twerk Fail EVER’ Fake: Jimmy Kimmel Pranked The World


Last week, a video of a girl setting herself on fire while twerking quickly racked up almost 10 million views. Before we posted it here, we debated whether it was staged — it seemed a little too perfectbut we figured, who would set herself ablaze just for online attention?

The answer: Hollywood stuntwoman Daphne Avalon. The whole thing was an elaborate ruse that Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated to see whether it’d go viral. This is probably the most successful mass-media prank since Orson Welles read “The War Of The Worlds” like a radio news broadcast in 1938 and made the public think aliens were invading earth. People weren’t more naive in the past — they just didn’t have YouTube.

We’d be mad about getting punk’d, but every guy loves a brilliant prank, so we have to give Kimmel serious props. Watch the grand reveal below:

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