Batman And Captain America Save Cat From Burning Home [VIDEO]

Photo via WCHS

Although Batman is teaming up with Superman in the “Man Of Steel” sequel, in real life he’s teaming up with Captain America to rescue household pets.

Ex-firefighter and Iraq veteran John Buckland (Batman) and his “Heroes 4 Hire” partner Troy Marcum (Captain America) were teaching kids about safety in Milton, West Virginia, when they saw a house on fire. They raced inside and saved a cat, then resuscitated it. The feline ungratefully hissed at Buckland, who didn’t take it personally because “he just got resuscitated by Batman — that’s a pretty scary thing to wake up to.”

It’s pretty weird to hear Batman speak with a Southern accent, but Buckland has the skills and a badass suit. Maybe he could take the role away from Ben Affleck? OK, that’s a long shot, but watch the video after the jump:

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.