Girls Don’t Wear Yoga Pants For Yoga, They Wear Them So Their Butts Look Hot

sexy yoga butt, yoga pants, ass
Photo via BroBible

Girls may claim they only wear yoga pants because “they’re comfortable” and because tight cotton pants don’t encumber their Lotus and Eka Pada Sirsasana (foot-behind-head) poses. We’re calling B.S.! Girls wear yoga pants so their asses look sexy. The comfort is simply a byproduct. In fact, it’s possible girls only do yoga so they have a seemingly legitimate excuse to wear yoga pants. They’re not worried about “strengthening their core” or “aligning their chi” (or whatever), girls just want their butts to look cute. That’s why there are an infinite number of selfies online of ladies showing off their yoga butts. Don’t misunderstand … we’re not complaining, we just want them to admit it.

Our buddies at BroBible spent weeks researching this theory and found 25 pieces of incriminating evidence. Take a look at their photo gallery, and soon you’ll agree with us: ladies don’t wear yoga pants for yoga, they wear them to drive men crazy.

25 Girls in Yoga Pants are What You Should Be Looking At

Sexy Yoga Butt, Yoga pants
Photo via BroBible

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