Today’s Badass: Boy Thwarts Attack By Dad’s Crazy Ex

karate kid
Credit: Fox 5

We’ve all dated someone who could use psychiatric care, but Andy Amaya might win the contest for most psycho ex-girlfriend of all. After the Maryland man dumped 26-year-old Helen Newsome last week, according to police, she tried to kill his eight-year-old son, Jacob Soliz-Amaya. Good thing the kid had paid attention during his karate lessons.

Newsome allegedly hid in a house for 12 hours until Amaya left for work, and then tried to suffocate Jacob with a pillow. “She was trying to make me not breathe,” the boy told reporters. “She covered my mouth so I head-butted her.” She smashed Jacob over the head with a dumbbell, police say, but he broke out some more Ninja Turtles moves and ran away to call 911. Authorities arrested her and took him to a hospital for eight staples.

Self-defense is self-defense, but someday Jacob will learn that a full-grown man never hits a woman, even a crazy one — you just block her on Facebook and hope for the best.

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