Julia Vins Is Sexier, And Stronger, Than You And Me [PHOTOS]

Photo via The Chive

Many guys are learning it’s OK to date a girl who makes more money. At first, it may seem emasculating, but once she pays for a couple nice dates and buys you a new Wes Welker jersey for the upcoming Broncos season, you start to get used to it.

However, can you ever get used to a girlfriend who bench-presses more than you? We bet you could if you were dating Russian body builder Julia Vins. She has the face of a Barbie doll and the biceps of The Rock. If nothing else, you should use these photos as inspiration for going to the gym. You wouldn’t want to run into her (on your foreign exchange trip to Russia) and be too intimidated to say hello.

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Photo via The Chive

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