Today’s Dumbass: Pot-Grower Accidentally IDs Himself In YouTube Video

Photo: YouTube via WMUR-TV

We’re not gonna criticize a guy for smoking a little pot, especially if he has health problems and it makes him feel better. However, as “Guy Code” explained last year, smoking too much can inspire some real stupid decisions — like posting a video of your grow op on YouTube and accidentally including your face, name and home address.

That’s what led police to Kyle Berry of New Hampshire, who uploaded 35 THC gardening videos under the pseudonym “beginnergrowerKTB1.” He failed to notice his reflection in a mirror and a piece of mail that told cops exactly where he lived. They arrested him for manufacturing a controlled substance; he pleaded guilty and received a one-year sentence yesterday.

Berry claims that he wasn’t selling it, just numbing the pain from 17 surgeries. If true, you’ve gotta sympathize…but you’ve also sadly gotta agree with the local sheriff: “He’s not the brightest person in the world.”

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