Today’s Dumbass: Drunk Teen Lands His Truck Atop Police Car

Credit: Worcester Police Department

Police on the DUI beat are trained to keep their eyes open for certain behaviors — erratic movements, excessive speed and disregard for stop signs — but there’s no way cops saw this one coming.

Last weekend, 18-year-old Jimmy Ngo of Worcester, Massachusetts allegedly got wasted, drove his pickup through a red light at 50+ mph and hit a Ford Focus. “The impact of the collision caused the truck to roll onto its roof and slide an additional 110 feet,” according to authorities. “The sliding truck struck [a] parked police cruiser, completed its roll, and landed on top of the hood of the cruiser in the upright position.”

Ironically, the officer inside (who didn’t sustain any major injuries) was on duty as part of the Massachusetts “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. Which should perhaps be renamed “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Down.”

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