If You’re Going To Dump Someone, Avoid These Jackass Methods

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The truth about relationships is that most of ‘em don’t work out. Every breakup has its own causes — personality differences, cheating, realizing that your partner is bats**t crazy — but whatever the reason, sometimes you’ve gotta part ways. Just remember to do it like a man. As Guyism explains, you won’t feel proud of yourself for calling things off…

By Text

Don’t be this guy. It’s cold and it’s impersonal and while, sure, it means you don’t actually have to deal with any of the fallout face to face, you just end up looking like a huge coward and an assh**e. Unless you’re Stephen Hawking and can only speak via some weird text box thing, then you’ve got no excuse for this, and I bet even he would roll up and do it face to face.

By Changing Your Facebook Status

Changing your Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “Single” just because you know that eventually your girlfriend will see it and take a hint is some shameful s**t. So grow up and let your human mouth do the talking instead of hoping the machines will rise up and do your dirty work for you.

By Having A Friend Do It For You

What are you, in fourth grade?

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