5 Ways You’re More Like Justin Timberlake Than You Think

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Guys, it’s OK to admit that Justin Timberlake is the best. At everything. Maybe you’ve never collaborated with Jay-Z or destroyed on “Saturday Night Live” or starred in an Oscar-winning movie, but you have plenty in common with this dude. Here’s why…

1. You Had A Dramatic Breakup, Then Moved On

Crossroads Premiere
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We all have at least one girl in our past who had to work on her issues, and splitting wasn’t fun. You might’ve even cried a river…but you picked up the pieces and found someone new. Justin feels you, bro.

2. You Surprise Yourself With Your Bad Golfing

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Next time you swear you should be having a better game, remember that Justin — a 6-handicap and golf course owner — has bad days too.

3. You’d Always Rather Be Having A Beer At The Game

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Whether you’re stepping away from cleaning your apartment, or a sold-out performance for thousands of fans, nothing beats this.

4. You’ve Been Photographed At Some Awkward Angles

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And, unfortunately, the proof is online forever. At least you can untag yourself from a situation like this.

5. You Had Terrible Hair In High School

Credit: Jason Kirk/Newsmakers

You might’ve been old enough to drive, but you clearly weren’t ready to style your own locks. Frosted tips are simply never justified.

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