The Weirdest College Electives You Can Actually Take

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That ludicrously pricey college tuition should get you a first-rate education. With each passing year, though, college electives seem to get weirder. “Economics 101″ and “Intro to Sociology” are still offered, sure, but this ain’t your grandpa’s curriculum, kids…

Alfred University — “Maple Syrup: The Real Thing”

Interested in becoming a syrup tycoon? (Who isn’t!?) Well, you’re in luck — Western New York’s Alfred University offers a course called “Maple Syrup: The Real Thing,” which teaches a group of lucky students the ins and out of the maple syrup industry. Not to be confused with all those imposter syrup courses.

Cornell University — “Gossip”

With the advent of social media, gossip is at an all-time high. Some people make a disturbingly great living off of it. (Hell, look at Perez Hilton.) And now, at a prestigious Ivy League school, you can take an entire class devoted to it. However, some students may be disappointed to learn that the class focuses more on Freud than it does TMZ.

I heard the class sucks, but don’t tell anyone.

Reed College — “Underwater Basket Weaving”

Offered at Reed and a few other universities, this course teaches students to weave a basket underwater, which raises a couple questions: Who the f**k wants to weave a basket underwater? And who the f**k wants to weave a basket at all!?

How, pray tell, will students utilize this new “skill”? Will they become professional weavers? What’s next, “Cobbling 101″? “Intro to Muskets”? Unless you’re fixin’ to take a DeLorean ride back in time to become a Pilgrim, skip this class. You’ll embarrass your parents with plenty of bad decisions in college, but this shouldn’t be one of them.

UC Irvine — “The Science of Superheroes”

If you’re looking to learn the physics behind flying, invisibility or shooting a web from your wrist, this is the course for you. Something tells me at least one student has worn a cape to class.

Appalachian State University — “What If Harry Potter Is Real?”

Congratulations, Appalachian State University, you offer the nerdiest class in the world. There could be a course called “How To Talk To Girls Without Peeing Your Pants,” and it’d still be less nerdy than “What If Harry Potter Is Real?” Spoiler alert: He’s not.

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