Did Ryan Dempster Break Guy Code By Throwing At A-Rod?

Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last night something happened that people have been expecting for a long time. No, we’re not talking about Hank potentially finding a way to take down Walt. We’re talking about Ryan Dempster intentionally throwing a pitch at Alex Rodriguez. Obviously A-Rod is not the most admired player in baseball, but did this vigilante justice violate Guy Code? Let’s take a look at the circumstances.

Not only did Rodriguez get caught cheating again, but his associates may have leaked information that led to suspensions of other players. That violates both actual laws and Guy Code. Plus, he’s going up against the Red Sox, who hate him simply because…well, they’re the Red Sox, and he’s A-Rod. That may be more than enough cause to justify throwing a pitch at him.

Still, he’s been caught and is facing a year-long suspension, so he’s still being punished through official channels. Throwing a pitch at A-Rod might lead to a serious injury, either to him or to one of your own teammates, who have to defend you in the ensuing brawl. Luckily, none of that happened, but Dempster could have put himself or his teammates in a bad situation.

This is a tough call to make, but we say it’s against Guy Code. Let the official process play out before you throw a pitch at him. And if you do hit him with a pitch, don’t give up a home run to him that starts a six-run comeback.

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.