How Robots Can Improve Your Sex Life (With Other Humans)

robot head
Photo via YouTube

You might think, looking at the above image, that this guy has some disturbing plans for that disembodied mechanical head. Well, you couldn’t be wronger, sicko — it’s a robot that tests whether your breath is fresh enough for kissing a fellow human being. Her responses range from “It smells like citrus!” to “Emergency, There’s an emergency taking place!” (Did we mention this came from Japan?)

We’re doubtful that the average guy needs such a fresh breathalyzer. First off, you should always brush your teeth before a date anyway, so it’s redundant. Secondly, holy s**t, this ghoulish thing is gonna terrify any woman you bring home.

However, according to Nerve, there are other robotic innovations that could improve your prospects with the ladies. And really, it’s only a matter of time until humanoid machines themselves gain sentience and develop the ability to love. Until then, keep your dignity and stay away from the sex droids, especially ones that lack a torso.

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