8 Tech Gadgets For Your Dorm Room [BroManTech]

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So many gadgets are hitting the market, it’s difficult for the average guy to keep up. With BroManTech’s recommendations, your devices will be top-of-the-line without breaking the bank.

Going back to school is a huge pain, but it also means that your parents will probably buy you some electronics you need to, uh, “study.” How are you supposed to get straight A’s without the latest and greatest technology? Here are products that will transform your lifeless 10×10 dorm room into a high-tech hangout…

1. Google Chromecast Dongle ($35)

Credit: Google

This inexpensive, key fob-sized device allows you to beam video from your tablet, smartphone and PC/Mac to your television over Wi-Fi connection. Chromecast is easy to set up and works on almost any TV with an HDMI port. Great for showing your buddy YouTube evidence of what an idiot he was at the fraternity party last night.

2. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock ($40)

Credit: Sonic Alert

Worried about missing early classes? With humongous sound and a vibrating bed-shaker device, this “Sonic Bomb” will wake you (and your roommate) up on time, guaranteed, no mater how hungover you are.

3. Sony Xperia Tablet Z ($450)

Credit: Sony

Dorms are notorious for being accident centers, and you don’t want your investment to get destroyed in the first week. To give your device a fighting chance at survival, drop a few bucks on Sony’s Xperia Z tablet. Lightweight, thin and (most importantly) waterproof, we’re guessing it’d survive a spill during flip cup.

4. Lenovo Yoga 11S Ultrabook ($750)

Credit: Lenovo

We like things that can also do other things. Lenovo’s Yoga 11S has a 360-degree flip-and-fold hinge that transforms it from a laptop to a tablet. Write your essay on the keyboard, then play a video game on the touch screen.

5. Belkin WeMo Switch +Motion Sensor ($75)

Credit: Belkin

You and your roomie don’t want to interrupt each other while “entertaining” a special guest. Install Belkin’s WeMo device, and you’ll get a notice on your smartphone that your dorm room is occupied. It’s way easier than remembering to tie a sock on the doorknob.

6. Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition ($29.95)

Credit: Microsoft

Give your fingers a rest from texting all day. With various modern artists’ designs gracing the shell, Microsoft’s Mobile Mouse will allow you to impress the art major down the hall without having to take a super tedious class.

7. Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp ($99)

Credit: Satechi

When you pull an all-nighter because procrastinating seemed like a good idea at the time, a dependable desk lamp is a necessity. This one from Satechi has a built-in USB charger, dimmer touch controls and a long-lasting LED bulb, plus a timer so — even if you fall asleep in your textbook — you’ll at least save energy.

8. Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers ($149.00)

Credit: Logitech

With touch controls, big bass sound and the ability to switch between three devices, dropping a pair of Z600s on your desk will show your friends that you’ve got a sense of style, and it’ll let your downstairs neighbors know that you really like loud music. Just keep ‘em on low volume if your R.A. is around.

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