What To Do With The Rest Of Your (Rapidly Dwindling) Summer

festival jumper
Credit: EMR/Flickr

The weather outside is still hot as balls, but school is almost back in session and clothing stores are suddenly selling their autumn lines. Before you know it, you’ll be bundled up in your heaviest sweater, shoveling the driveway and wishing you could hit the beach or throw an impromptu BBQ like you can right now. Seize the day and deposit some memories into your seasonal spank bank before the leaves are falling!

Last month, we brought you “10 Things To Accomplish So Your Summer Isn’t A Total Waste,” but if you’ve already had a romantic fling, read a classic book and gone fishing with your dad, you’ll need to make the next month count. Whether it’s stage-diving at a music festival or partying on a rich friend’s boat (it doesn’t even have to be your friend — any rich guy’s boat will do), Guyism has you covered with this August checklist

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