Make-A-Wish Juggalo Teen Meets ICP, Gets Juggie Lap Dance

Credit: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Seventeen-year old Cody Morin, who is struggling with a congenital defect in his liver, had one wish before his upcoming surgery: to meet Insane Clown Posse at the Gathering of the Juggalos. After traveling with his family and best friend for 26 hours, he got to meet his favorite band. It’s a very heartwarming story in very Juggalo style.

Cody got to watch the concert from a spot specially reserved for him close to the main stage. After the show, Violent J and Cody enjoyed a feast of burgers, ribs and Philly steaks. But the best part may have come after lunch. A juggalette attending the concert heard Cody was sick gave him a unsolicited lap dance. When asked what his favorite part of the trip was, Cody said, “Honestly, the highlight so far has been those t*****s.” Here’s the full story with some NSFW photos.

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.