VMAs Trivia: What Guy Holds The Record For Most Moonmans?

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The anticipation continues to build for the 2013 Video Music Awards airing on August 25th. We decided to reach back into the archives to uncover the facts and info about Dudes of VMA Past you might not be aware of. We’ll hit you with performances, record-holders, and a wide variety of long-forgotten moments. Thought you knew it all? Nope! Now you know.

The dude who holds the record for the most Moonman awards and nominations is Peter Gabriel.

Madonna holds the all-time record for wins and Lady Gaga holds the record for most nominations in a single awards show. However, most people don’t realize the man who holds the honor of most awards is Peter Gabriel. In the ’80s, Gabriel had a knack for groundbreaking videos that pushed the limits of the medium. Often using animation and a wide variety of visual effects, Gabriel racked up 13 wins between the years 1987 – 1994.

Gabriel sledgehammer 1

Nine of those awards were for “Sledgehammer” during the 1987 show. Many have tried to come close to that dominance (Michael Jackson, Eminem, Jay-Z), but so far, Gabriel has stayed on top.

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