Ridiculous Lab Experiment: Can NeverWet Waterproof…WATER?!


You might’ve heard about NeverWet, a new product that’s marketed as the holy grail of waterproofing. The company claims, “Any object coated…literally cannot be touched by liquid.” Its promotional video (which has six million views) shows sauce rolling off shirts and shoes, and even an iPhone surviving a dunk into water.

We’re thrilled that dropping our electronics into bar toilets might no longer be cause for alarm (aside from the disease factor), but our friends at Guyism had bigger concerns. Specifically, they wanted to know if it’s possible to make H2O impervious to itself, and spent an hour finding out. Does that sound like a pointless waste of time? Absolutely, but what guy has never goofed off for the sake of answering a dumb question?

OK, OK, maybe that was anticlimactic. So, here’s Guyism trying the same experiment on a wet t-shirt contest — the results are, scientifically speaking, awesome:

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