Mansumer Reports: Adidas Springblade Running Shoes

Adidas Springblades Malibu
Credit: Sean Green

Shopping is every guy’s least favorite activity. When you do buy a product, however, it’s gotta be the best of the best. “Mansumer Reports” will keep the junk away from your junk.

I hadn’t owned a dedicated running shoe in a long time. The past few years, any running I did was completely unplanned — sprinting to catch an elevator, or dashing to a connecting flight, or chasing after a girlfriend who stormed out of a bar after I’d said “the wrong thing.”

That all changed when I laced up a pair of the new Adidas Springblades, the first shoes that have ever made me want to run. In fact, the 16 individually spring-loaded blades propel you forward with such ease that you almost feel like an a-hole walking in them.

Around Town

Runners often complain about the punishment on their knees and ankles doled out by the pavement. The Springblades eliminate that excuse with a shoe so comfortable, you feel like you’re floating instead of jogging.

With The Ladies

They say women judge a man by his shoes, and any guy would be fortunate to get caught wearing a pair of Springblades. “Why yes, I am a time-traveling athlete sent from the future to save humanity from poor arch support!”

The Test

The Springblades were working so well, I decided to push them to the limit, jogging to the top of the Point Mugu sand dunes in the Santa Monica Mountains. Instead of taking the trail back down, I did a little off-roading and ran directly down the dunes, with a GoPro strapped to my head, of course — I’d say the results speak for themselves:

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Sean Green is a standup comedian and podcast host living in LA.