Stupid Things Every Drunk Guy Inevitably Does In His 20s

Credit: Doug Bowman/Flickr

Who among us hasn’t fallen asleep at the bar at least once? It’s not dignified, but neither are your 20s — the decade when you have the most fun…and the most reasons to cringe.

Every guy has unique stories of booze-induced shame, but they tend to overlap in specific ways. Whether it’s spewing in a cab, posting a regrettable Facebook comment on an ex’s profile, or waking up next to a mistake, we’ve pretty much all been there, as BroBible observes:

Burn Food At Home

The one thing men often do when they get home from a night of drinking is cook the most epic meals of all time, including just about everything in the kitchen between two slices of bread. Just don’t forget about the food when you pass out on the kitchen floor. Can we say “fire alarm”?

End Up Naked Somewhere

Men like to take off their clothes, and we do not know why. For whatever reason, we enjoy getting naked, and that is when we are sober. Imagine what happens when we are drunk.


We aren’t as emotional as women when they drink alcohol, but we tend to find ourselves looking back over the years and reliving those golden days of yesteryear. And once the tears start to flow, it is like the beaches of Normandy — they just come, wave after wave. Most guys will lie and say this isn’t true, and they are probably the ones who do it all the time.

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