‘Guy Code Honors’ Bootleg Tapes: Behind-The-Scenes Video


MTV didn’t just send me out to Comic-Con 2013 to gawk at beautiful Cosplay girls and send out Vines from the Axe/Playboy/Kickass 2 party. I was also there to hang out behind the scenes with Jon Gabrus, Chris Distefano, Jordan Carlos and Damien Lemon as they prepared to host the first-ever “Guy Code Honors” live from the MTV2 Party In The Park. I hate to break the illusion for those of you who still don’t know, but the “Guy Code” cast doesn’t just riff off the top of their heads when they’re shooting episodes. Some things they improvise in the moment, but most of it they and the producers work out before they even get on set.

In the below video, you’ll see just that. The four hosts are talking through the show, finding different jokes and trying to get on the same page before that night’s shoot. What might look like goofing around is actually hours of work and a big reason why the “Guy Code Honors” went so well.

Also, check out this video of what it was like being at the MTV2 Party In The Park and walking the floor at Comic-Con 2013.

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Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) is the editor of Guy Code Blog