Emily Ratajkowski Teaches You How To Get Naked [Interview]

Emily Ratajkowski
Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages

Assuming you’ve watched Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” video (SFW version, NSFW version, Bill Clinton version), you know that Emily Ratajkowski is rather comfortable with nudity. And since she’s so nonchalant about taking off her clothes, we asked her — while she prepped for the Playboy/AXE Black Chill/”Kick-Ass 2” party at Comic-Con — for tips on how guys can strip down for their ladies without either too much or, worse, too little self-awareness. ‘Cause nothing ruins the mood like the wrong kind of self-exposure.

1. Be Proud Of That Belly

“If you’re already undressing, you’ve made it that far, but now is the big moment. Don’t suck in [your gut]. Be confident — what you have is what you have, and it’s all going to be revealed in time, right? So just go with it and feel good about yourself.”

2. You’re Not Magic Mike

“Don’t do any swinging around. I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re not in the Chippendales. Maybe I would say a cute little hip swing or something — that’s adorable, that could be cute. Maybe a little bit of a dance move, but no swinging around!”

3. Keep The Playlist Chill

“No putting on music, ’cause then you’ll feel like you need to dance and perform [unless] it’s something…in the background, setting the mood. Nothing like ‘I Believe in Miracles.’ We want to stay away from the ’80s. No ‘It’s Raining Men.'”

4. Shirt Goes First

“I would say don’t just leave your shirt on. Probably start with [taking off] the shirt.” (For more on this, we’ll let Rob Delaney explain why a shirt without pants is such a bad look.)

5. Socks Go Last

“I think that’s actually very cute. I do. Because you’re confident enough to leave your socks on ’til the end, and that’s the greatest reveal. The socks come off, and then you’re fully nude!”

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