PSA From Cosplayer Yaya Han: Don’t Be A Creeper At Comic-Con

Credit: Yaya Han

Some models wear superhero costumes at Comic-Con for a quick paycheck, even though they’ve never read a comic book in their lives. Yaya Han, on the other hand, is a true geek. (For proof, just read her MTV Geek profile.) As a luminary of the cosplay community, she’s devoted her life to sci-fi and video games. No wonder she’s starring in Syfy’s new series, “Heroes of Cosplay.”

We ran into Yaya at SDCC and asked her for some words of wisdom. See, we’ve told you “How To Get Lucky At Comic-Con,” and even given you 40 cheesy pickup lines. But the truth is, dudes often come on way too strong with cosplay girls. If you’re partying in San Diego this weekend, have an awesome time, but don’t be a scumbag just ’cause it’s Nerd Halloween. Here’s Yaya’s advice:

“Definitely be aware that, yes, we might be dressed up like your favorite character — we might be dressed very sexy — but we’re still people, so treat us like human beings. Some cosplayers have had issues with being harassed because they’re dressed sexy. People might think they’re easy or they’re slutty…maybe the character just happens to wear that outfit, like Black Cat.

“Approach them with respect, and before you touch a cosplayer, definitely ask if it’s OK. Like, if you want to put your arm around her, just say, ‘Can I put my arm around you and take a photo?’ Generally, if you ask a cosplayer before you do anything, they’ll be a lot more open.”

In other words, your superhero alias should be Gentle-Man, not Captain Creeper. #GuyCode

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