Hungover Links: ‘Wolverine: The Musical,’ Bar Refaeli & More

Photo: YouTube

While you were drinking…

  • We’re hoping to catch a sneak peek of “The Wolverine” at Comic-Con, but in the meantime we’re entertained by “Wolverine: The Musical,” one badass puppet show.
  • Han Solo was frozen in carbonite because George Lucas was scared Harrison Ford wouldn’t return…and 19 other facts we didn’t know about movies we love.

Babe Of The Day

Photo: Bar Refaeli

  • Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli smooched another chick on camera, and was cool enough to post it to her Instagram account.
  • Bonus Babe: Emily Ratajkowski (“Blurred Lines”) won’t quit with the nudity [NSFW].

Video Of The Day

“C-Block: Birth Control For Men” via Julian Joslin:

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