The Code For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse [VIDEO]

zombie code 2

We’ve all spent hours (cumulatively or consecutively) debating our strategy if zombies take over the earth. Sure, it’s unlikely, but you have to think ahead. Plan on procuring ammo and crossbows. More importantly, plan on upholding Guy Code. Because even when society crumbles, the Code is what differentiates us from the monsters.

To spread that message and honor the best of science-fiction pop-culture, Jon Gabrus, Jordan Carlos, Damien Lemon and Chris Distefano are hitting San Diego Comic-Con for “Guy Code Honors,” a one-hour special on Sunday, July 21, at 8:00p ET/PT on MTV and MTV2. Watch the clip below to find out why Guy Code is more important than ever in a zombie apocalypse, and why Charlamagne or Lil Duval would volunteer to be eaten.

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