The NBA Movie Star Power Rankings [VIDEOS]

"Grown Ups 2" New York Premiere
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

With the upcoming release of “Grown-Ups 2,” the Oscar community is abuzz to see just how many golden statues it can give Shaq for his role as “Officer Fluzoo.” The future Hall of Famer’s seventh movie role has us thinking about other great film performances by NBA stars. Who is the king of the blacktop silver screen? Let’s compare cinematic classics…

8. Charles Barkley

A great performance by the Round Mound (who could still fit on a movie screen — BURN!) in “Forget Paris,” along with a cameo by NBA Jam favorite Dan Majerle.

7. Dirk Nowitzki

In “Like Mike,” the NBA Champion proves there are no small parts — just seven-foot-tall German actors with three-point range.

6. Dennis Rodman

It’s a mystery why they love him so much in North Korea…until you watch “Double Team,” and then it all makes sense.

5. Ray Allen

Bonus points for being the only star on this list to get his own threesome scene, in “He Got Game.”

4. Kevin Durant

He’d be ranked higher if anyone knew “Thunderstruck” actually existed.

3. Michael Jordan

Sure, he should be No. 1 for “Space Jam,” but it’s about time he doesn’t win at something in his life.

2. Shaq

Too tough to call between “Steel“…

…and “Kazaam“:

There are no losers here, folks.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

This is No. 1 for the fact that “Airplane!” proves he wasn’t made completely out of stone. Sort of.

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