Free Audience Tickets For ‘Guy Court’ Available Now

After three seasons of “Guy Code,” it’s time to hold dudes accountable for breaking the laws of manhood. We’re talkin’ about MTV2’s “Guy Court,” featuring Damien Lemon, Andrew Schulz, Charlamagne Tha God, Lil DuvalChris Distefano and Melanie Iglesias. Oh yeah, and Judge Donnell Rawlings. Now that’s a supreme court!

The series will air in the fall, but from August 5th to 15th, you have a chance to join the studio audience. Be in the stands as justice is served to real-life dudes who steal their friends’ girlfriends, refuse to wash away the stank of their B.O., and more Code violations.

If you’re 16+ and can get to NYC, click through to apply for tickets. Hurry up, though, because Guy Court’s almost in session.

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