Today’s Badass: 6’4″, 320-Pound Guy CRUSHES Escaped Convict

badass and inmate

The weekend’s burgers and hot dogs are long-digested, but here’s one last bite of American pride for you. Humongous hero Mark Cooper, pictured above in the Ol’ Glory t-shirt, was shopping at an Ohio general store on Thursday when escaped inmate James David Myers walked in to make a phone call.

Recognizing the convicted sexual assailant from a mugshot on the wall(!), Cooper did the responsible thing: He called 911. Then he did the insanely awesome thing: He body-slammed the lowlife fugitive, whom he then restrained — and hogtied — until police arrived.

Words don’t do the surveillance video justice, so click through to watch. We’re hoping this earns Cooper a bright future in the NFL, where he can receive millions of dollars for tackling unrepentant criminals.

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