‘Unleash Your Manhood’ Now Available At Urban Outfitters

unleash your manhood paperback

Earlier this year, “Guy Code” released its first e-book, “Unleash Your Manhood,” the account of one man’s journey from a shivering loser to a shimmering winner after becoming illuminated by The Code. It featured key quotes and vital lessons from the stars of the show, plus quizzes to chart your own progress through full implementation.

Not everybody owns a tablet or e-reader, so — due to popular demand — MTV Books has just released a print edition of “Unleash Your Manhood,” exclusively available at Urban Outfitters ($14.99) in order to spread The Code far and wide. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (from laughing so hard) and, most importantly, you’ll learn.

So, get your ass to the nearest Urban Outfitters or UrbanOutfitters.com. And to carry the book’s wisdom everywhere, download a copy for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Nook.

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