An Unscientific Survey: Which Country Has The Hottest Women?

british flag bikini
Credit: Charlotte Trotman

We’re still pumped full of patriotic fervor from the Fourth of July. USA! USA! ‘MURICA #1! That said, we also appreciate other cultures, from sexy European chicks to sexy South American chicks to sexy Asian ch…well, you get the picture.

It’s expensive to fly all over the world, though, so you must book your travel wisely. Sure, there are beautiful women everywhere, but you won’t find too many golden tans in Antarctica, unless Kate Upton ever visits again. Fortunately, Guyism is here to help plan your next vacation, ranking the sexiest 25 countries by their prominent babes.

(Is this a ridiculous, wildly inaccurate way to measure the attractiveness of entire nations, which is entirely subjective anyway? Absolutely. Is it fun to look at? Yeah, pretty much.)

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