10 Lessons We Learned From ‘Girl Code’ Season 1

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Credit: Michele Crowe/MTV

The final four episodes of “Girl Code” season one air on Sunday from 9 to 11 p.m. EST, so in preparation for the mini marathon, we’re looking back at what the series taught us. Sure, we’ve recapped it weekly with “The Opponents’ Playbook,” but let’s examine the big takeaways. ‘Cause we didn’t just laugh and learn…we actually became better guys.

1. Life is tougher for girls, so cut ‘em some slack

Whenever they leave the house, they get judged on their looks, outfits, bodies, makeup, accessories…whereas you can leave the house unshaven in flip-flops and nobody blinks. So, don’t get mad if she needs a few extra minutes to get ready for dinner.

2. Girls’ mouths are just as dirty as ours, if not more so

They might not talk like sailors around us, perhaps because we’d feel inadequate, but your most profane comments are no match for Jessimae Peluso‘s or Carly Aquilino‘s.

3. They go crazy sometimes. Live with it.

The “Girl Code” gals all admitted to the occasional freak-out, and it’s definitely no fun to be on the receiving end. But if you’re gonna date a woman, you can’t just date her good qualities (and she can’t just date yours), so learn to love the whole package.

4. You can be a good boyfriend without being whipped

Girls want you to be sensitive, caring and a good listener. They also want you to be a self-respecting man with opinions and confidence. Despite what your friends say, those aren’t mutually exclusive.

5. Girls’ interactions with each other are totally different than guys’

A compliment can actually be an insult, because every sentence can have multiple meanings. Men aren’t clever enough for that kind of social warfare. (“Stop being a jerk, you jerk” is about as subtle as we get.) Our genders are basically speaking two different languages, which is why a relationship needs tons of communication to work.

6. Size matters…but personality matters more

Women expect you to treat them well in bed, but they also expect you to treat them well outside of it. So, don’t worry about not having a giant dick — worry about not being a giant dick.

7. Don’t get paranoid about her cheating

She might be snooping on you (because, let’s face it, guys are more likely to stray), but you have to trust her, or else your unfounded accusations will ironically push her into another dude’s arms/lap.

8. No girl will care for a guy who doesn’t care for himself

Take a damn shower. Clean your damn apartment. You won’t have a filthy time in bed if your bedroom is filthy.

9. Girls try really, really hard never to fart around us

But they’re only human. If one slips out, don’t act like you’re disgusted…just act like nothing happened. You’ll block out the memory soon enough.

10. Girls aren’t actually your opponents

Yeah, we call it “The Opponents’ Playbook,” but if you view women as enemies to humiliate in defeat, you’re gonna have a lonely, masturbation-filled life. We’re all batting for the same team here…well, maybe not lesbians, but they make terrific coaches.

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