Jason Mewes On ‘Clerks 3′ & His Boob-Filled Action Web Series

jason mewes web series
Photo via Busted Coverage

You probably know Jason Mewes as the talkative half of Jay and Silent Bob from classic movies “Clerks,” “Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” He’s now starring in a gritty new web series, “Vigilante Diaries,” full of fighting, cursing and T&A. (Hey, the guy knows his audience.)

Busted Coverage has a great interview with Mewes, in which he discusses video games, “Clerks 3,” and the one thing Kevin Smith will give him s*** for. Oh yeah, and groupies:

“There is one story. This one time when I was kicking dope, I was staying at Kevin’s house and I wasn’t allowed to leave the house because that was the condition of me staying there…. So, Kevin went to the comic store and he met this girl there who had driven, like, hours just to meet Kevin and I.

“Anyway, Kevin winds up bringing her out to his house to meet me because she drove so far and it’s cool, but while she’s there, Kevin says, ‘Jay kind of needs company while he’s here.’ So, she ends up staying. Man, she must have stayed for, like, three weeks. That was a different experience.”

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