Hungover Links: Robotic Apes, Colliding Hang Gliders & More

Photo via theCHIVE

While you were drinking…

  • For those in need of a gift for an upcoming birthday party (or anniversary dinner), might we recommend this lovely and inexplicable Nicolas Cage Wall Calendar.
  • German scientists have developed a giant robot ape. Because why not combine various movie apocalypses?
  • A TV news reporter dropped two F-bombs during a live broadcast. Big deal, right? Just watch it for the priceless look on the anchor’s face. [NSFW]

Babe Of The Day

Photo: theCHIVE

  • Meet Janelle, a “proud Filipino Italian” who just celebrated her move to the U.S. with two dozen photos for a salivating Internet. Salut!
  • Bonus Babe: Claudia Jordan from “Deal Or No Deal” looks bangin’ in a two-piece on the beach.

Video Of The Day

“Paraglider/Hang Glider Mid-Air Collision Caught On Camera” via HyperVocal:

(“Amazingly, despite colliding, then falling hundreds of feet to the ground, neither party was seriously hurt.”)

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