5 Dating Games That Will Actually Help A New Relationship

Credit: Arthur Kwiatkowski

No lady wants a guy who actively messes with her head — but when first dating a woman, it’s not only fair to play some games…it can be crucial. Here are five ways to keep the chase going and preserve the romance in the long run.

1. Stay Mysterious

For the first few dates, keep your personal info guarded, divulging it slowly over time. If you dress your cat in human clothes, for example, or were born with a vestigial tail — save those fun facts for date number six. The less she knows about you, the more she’ll want to know about you.

Keep close track of your social media accounts. Tweet vaguely and generally, and don’t give too much away on Facebook. (At least change that status update from “grinding NYC’s finest at the Hustler Club” to “chillin’ with a homie.”)

2. Act Poorer Than You Are

You don’t want a woman to think you’re a deadbeat, but spending too much money at the beginning of a relationship sets a terrible precedent. If you show off with front-row Kanye West tickets on the second date, by date four she’ll expect you to hire the cast of “Game Of Thrones” to reenact Season 1 in her kitchen.

Dinner on a first date is a related rookie mistake. You’ll have no way to impress her again if you spring for a meal at Le Expensive French Bistro, paying $100 for snail-dick tartar.

3. Curb Contact

Never text more than twice in a row. Harassing her for a response will diminish your mystique and her interest. Always leave her wanting more! (If your doctor confirms that you’ve got crabs, however, feel free to send as many texts as you want.)

4. Keep Your Calendar Full

For the first month, limit your interactions to a couple dates per week so as not to seem desperate and codependent right away. Although you’d “love to hang,” you can lean on “prior commitments” with friends and family to space out plans with her. Then, to keep the momentum going, enthusiastically offer a later date as an alternative (later in the week, not year).

5. Hold Out For Sex

The longer you can wait, the better. Innuendo can be worth more than action. Build up the tension, and when you finally consummate, she’ll be reeling in ecstasy for hours. (Or, in my case, typically 90 seconds.)

All of these “games” are less about manipulating women with bulls***, and more about simply doing less. If you stop trying so hard to impress her and focus instead on s-l-o-w-l-y revealing your traits as a good dude, the ladies will come running.

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Ethan Fixell (@ethanfixell) is a writer and comedian from New York City.