Hungover Links: Kate Upton’s Old Victoria’s Secret Photos & More

Kate Upton Returns To Modeling Underwear

While you were drinking…

  • $450 will get you a customized voicemail from James Franco, so long as he doesn’t find your message inappropriate. Which is the total rip-off part of the deal, if you ask me.
  • Since everyone’s still on Superman’s nuts, how about we check out all the Easter eggs from “Man of Steel” while we’re at it?
  • Pro tip: Don’t leave the head of a deer carcass at a grocery checkout counter while its innards lie in one of the aisles, or you might get yourself arrested.

Babe Of The Day

Photo: theCHIVE

  • Bonus Babe: Eva Longoria and cleavage galore at Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” premiere.

Video Of The Day

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