A Celebration Of Assets: 5 Of The Best Butts In Music Videos

jenny from the block
Credit: Epic Records

One of the categories at this year’s O Music Awards is “Too Much Ass For TV,” which honors the backsides that infiltrated recent music videos from Robin Thicke, Frank Ocean, David Bowie, Sigur Ros and DIIV.

Of course, the derrière has been the star of music videos for quite some time, dilating pupils since video killed the radio star. There are many historical butts that deserve recognition. Here are five booty-filled classics that we’d especially like to commemorate.

Jennifer Lopez – “Jenny From the Block”

Remember that really weird era when J.Lo and Ben Affleck were a thing? Well, in the video for “Jenny From the Block,” Miss Lopez was all about showing off her signature backside for her boo. And for everyone else.

2 Live Crew – “Face Down, Ass Up”

2 live crew nasty
Credit: Luke/Atlantic Records

2 Live Crew were the quintessential assologists, always out to repulse someone with their fixation, like when they performed for Donahue’s horrified audience (NSFW). There are far too many butt shots to zoom in on here, so just focus on all of them.

Sir Mix A Lot – “Baby Got Back”

sir mix a lot
Credit: Def American

Congratulations go to Sir Mix A Lot, who bravely managed to stumble upon the world-famous ass mountains, the 8th wonder of the world. His video for “Baby Got Back” has enough butt shots to last a lifetime.

Wreckx-N-Effect – “Rumpshaker”

Credit: MCA

Scholars have probably attempted to decipher what a “zoom zoom zoom” in a “boom boom” really means. The big shot comes from the woman in the fluorescent bikini doing a thrusty dance like she’s auditioning for the cheer squad at Porno University. Well done, lady! Shake what your mama gave you…. Just don’t show your mama how you shake it.

Beyoncé f. Jay-Z – “Crazy In Love”

A few weeks ago, some idiot swatted Bey’s sacred backside at a concert, and she had him escorted off the premises. That’s how valuable Beyoncé‘s tush is to her. It’s the focal point of almost all her videos, especially “Crazy In Love.” Here, the camera zooms in on Bey’s assets as she shakes in the name of love.

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