Today’s Badass: 91-Year-Old Guy Smashes Weightlifting Record

sy perlis
Photo via YouTube

Arizona resident Sy Perlis, 91, doesn’t sit around waiting for a visit from his grandkids. He doesn’t watch Judge Judy sass defendants. And he sure as hell doesn’t need a Segway to get around — he can bench press that Segway.

Perlis just broke the world record in his age group by benching 187.2 pounds, 52 more than the previous record-holder. That’s nothing for a dude in his 30s, but we’d be happy to lift half that much in our 90s. (Or, y’know, still be alive.)

Perlis hits the gym five days a week. The best part is that he started weightlifting at 60, around the time when most dudes are weakened by their second divorce and their doctors are pleading with them to just walk for a half-hour each day.

Check out the video below and you’ll get to see his wife, who, for a guy in his 90s, is definitely a trophy. We salute you, Sy. We’re afraid not to.

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Charlie Kasov (@charliekasov) is a comedian and editor of Pride Incredulous.