Do Women Really Care About Your Bank Account?

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Credit: Digital Vision

How is it that 90-year-old billionaires can score with gorgeous models, while guys in our physical primes can’t even get a date? Should you apply to business school just for the sake of your sex life? Is money that important to the ladies?

Well, it’s not quite that simple. As our friends at BroBible explain, yeah, stability can be a factor…but more importantly, ambition matters:

This is absolutely key, if you can show any woman that you’re a valuable investment, she will be with you (bang you) even if RIGHT NOW, you’re absolutely broke…Women aren’t looking for your money, that’s not what they want.

If you’re broke you can still be ambitious. She will stick by your side knowing that even though you don’t have anything right now, your hard work and dedication will pay out in the end. This means that she’s sticking with you because you’ve managed to present yourself as a valuable investment.

However, there’s a catch: Ambition can still lead to failure. Click through to find out exactly how long you have to make it to the top…or at least, to make it off your futon.

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