7 Wannabe ‘Jackass’ GIFs…And The Resulting FAILS

“Monkey see, monkey do” is the old phrase, but it should really be updated to “Teen boy see, teen boy do.” While not as catchy, the revision is more apt given the creation of YouTube and teenage boys’ willingness to mimic anything and everything they see on TV and in movies. That includes “Jackass.”

Of course, before every episode of “Jackass” there’s that warning that explains the stunts are done by professionals or under the supervision of professionals, and they shouldn’t be attempted at home, but adolescents don’t care much for being told not to do something. The following seven GIFs capture these wannabes attempting — and mostly failing at — very stupid “Jackass”-like stunts.

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Bike Headed Over A Canal

Classic Drunken Fall Down Stairs

Target: Bush. Objective: Completed.

Bikes And Slides Totally Go Together

The Ol’ Kick In The Balls

Apartments Are Great Places To Raise Kids

This Kid Is The Next Steve-O

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