The Most Successful Guys Who Moved Back In With Their Parents

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Back in “Guy Code” season three, the gang made it clear that moving back in with your parents is a last resort for survival. But it’s now common for recent college grads and others who can’t find (non-internship) work in this bulls*** economy.

If you must go back to Mom and Dad’s house — not the most welcome Father’s Day gift, we’re guessing — or if you never even managed to leave, console yourself with the knowledge that you’re following in some mighty big footsteps, according to Mental Floss:

Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Co-Founder

Jobs was living with his folks in 1975 after a brief stint at Reed College and…ran his computer business out of that garage for more than a year; in 1977 he moved to a ranch house in Cupertino which he dubbed “Rancho Suburbia” and got a proper office space.

Alexander Graham Bell, Telephone Inventor

Bell finally “moved out” in 1872, at the age of 25, when he headed to Boston to work in a school for the deaf…and proceeded to patent the telephone in 1875, at the age of 28.

Lou Gehrig, Baseball Legend

In the 15 seasons between 1925 and 1939, Gehrig played in 2,130 consecutive baseball games — a record that stood until Cal Ripken, Jr. broke it in 1995. But aside from his baseball career, Gehrig lived at home with his mother until the age of 30.

Miles Davis, Jazz Trumpeter

During Davis’ “Blue Period” in 1954, he returned to his father’s house in St. Louis and locked himself in his room in order to kick his heroin habit. Now that’s a supportive dad.

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