Your New Excuse For Jackassery: Guys Don’t Mature Until 43

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Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Your girlfriend always wants to know when you’ll grow up, and now you finally have an answer: Sometime around your 43rd birthday. That’s according to a new British survey of both men and women, who agreed that ladies mature emotionally in their early 30s, more than a decade before guys do.

The biggest markers of immaturity, the Daily Mail reports, are “finding…farts and burps hilarious,” “eating fast food,” “playing video games,” “driving too fast,” “driving with loud music,” “playing practical jokes” and “trying to beat children at games and sport.” Yeah, that’s basically everything on our schedule for today.

Actually, 80% of women believe that men “never stop being childish,” which has us excited for our hilarious, prank-filled geriatric years.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to “Jackass 3” airing during this Mancation Weekend on MTV…and hoping that “Jackass 4″ will film ASAP while Johnny Knoxville is still a refreshingly immature 42-year-old.

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