Father’s Day 2013 Gift Guide: Cool Tech For Dad This Sunday

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to open up that wallet and get the perfect gift for Pops. Sure, most dads would be content to just have a day of peace and quiet — and a solid breakfast of bacon and eggs — but if your dad’s gadgets are older than you, then it’s time to help bring him into the modern world. Here’s the best new tech for your old man.

1. For The Dad Who Hits The Links

Credit: SwingTip

SwingTip ($129): If your dad spends every weekend working on his swing, but is too cheap to hire a pro, then give him a SwingTip. This device attaches to his club, then syncs with his smartphone to improve his technique and his ego.

2. For The Dad With Music In His Blood

Credit: Monster Headpones

Monster DNA Headphones ($169): Is your dad still using the headphones he stole from his last airplane flight? Drop him a pair of Monster DNAs, which feature great sound, comfortable ear cushions and even a dual port for sharing some Manilow with Mom.

3. For The Dad Who Grills On The Go

Credit: Primus

Primus Profile Dual ($140.00): Perfect for tailgating and car-camping, your dad can use the Profile Dual stove any time he feels the need to escape to the great outdoors or his favorite stadium parking lot.

4. For The Dad Who Loves His Pool Time


Credit: Ion Audio

Ion Water Rocker ($100): Whether your dad uses the family pool to stay in shape or just relax, drop in the Ion Water Rocker and watch him smile. This waterproof floating speaker can stream his favorite sports radio or music up to 100 feet away, far enough for him to swim over to his floating cooler of beer.

5. For The Dad Who Travels For Business

Credit: Trakdot

Trakdot Luggage Tracker ($50): Trakdot syncs to Dad’s smartphone and alerts him when his bags land. If they wind up on a different flight, this gadget helps find ‘em. (But it won’t buy him a new suit and tie in the meantime.)

6. For The Dad Who’s Obsessed With His Ride

Credit: Delphi

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics ($250): If your dad has installed a webcam in his garage to check his car while he’s on vacation, then he’ll love the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostic dongle (yeah, that’s a real word). The device tracks location, monitors trips, decodes engine lights and can even unlock doors remotely if he forgets his key inside.

7. For The Dad Who Lives In A Hurricane Zone


Eton ZoneGuard Weather Radio ($40): It’s awesome that your parents are so close to the beach…until a storm knocks out their power. Get ‘em the Eton ZoneGuard, which features an AM/FM radio and flashing colors (green/orange/red) to match weather conditions. It even tracks up to 25 different locations, so Dad can warn Aunt Lorraine in Wyoming if there’s a twister coming her way.

8. For The Dad Who Brings Home The Bacon

Credit: Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer Bacon Boxed Gift Sets ($22-$28): OK, this isn’t quite “tech,” but it’s certainly sleek. With three velvet lined box sets to choose from — and an included money clip, utility tool or cuff links — there are no bad choices in this bunch.

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Craig Goldstein (@techmywifeplz) is opening his wallet for Dad.