Hungover Links: The Kissing Miami Heat Girls & More

Photo: NIS

While you were drinking…

  • The sports fans (above) macking at the Miami Heat game from the other night have been identified. Get to cyber-stalkin’, gents!
  • Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln named a Southeast Asian lizard fossil after Jim Morrison.
  • Ranked: Every Jim Jarmusch film from worst to best. (The one with RZA and GZA clocks in at #9.)

Babe Of The Day

Photo: theCHIVE

  • When hot chicks are bored at work: 33 more sultry and safe-(enough)-for-work photos like the one above are at your disposal right here.
  • Bonus Babe: The woman starring in Lifetime’s “The Anna Nicole Story” has significantly smaller boobs than the late Playboy Playmate, and that’s OK.

Video Of The Day

“Man Texting on Hood of Speeding Car on Saudi Highway” via Clip Nation:

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