Eater X’s Tips For Chowing Down Like A Champ [INTERVIEW]

Eater X
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Earlier this week, we had the nauseating pleasure of attending Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich Eating Competition. When the cracked pepper settled and the meat had been devoured, we spoke with contestant Tim “Eater X” Janus, who downed 16(!) sandwiches in 10 minutes. Here are his lessons on life, love and gorging this summer.

Are there any tricks for guys to scarf down more food at our BBQs?

I don’t even know why you’d want to, honestly. I do this ’cause I love to compete and I make some decent money doing this, but I’d much rather…have a nice one or two sandwiches — one or two hot dogs — at a BBQ and have fun.

What does it take to have the heart of a champion?

I think you really gotta want something. You gotta be willing to push yourself farther than anybody. You gotta push yourself outta the comfort zone and you have to always remember what your goals are. You lose sight of those goals, even for a second, you’ll let up, and that’s your undoing right there.

Any advice for combating the meat sweats during the summer?

There’s nothing you can do for that! There’s no vaccine, there’s nothing you can do for the meat sweats. It’s just a part of life.

Does your stomach ever get mad and tell you to f*** off?

I think I get mad at myself sometimes. Y’know, my stomach is pretty cooperative. Certainly, when you eat this much food, though, it feels it, and the last half of the contest you’re really fighting your stomach.

Would you ever incorporate pastrami into your lovemaking?

Like George Costanza?


Costanza knows best. Certainly. If I’ve got a girl that’s gonna welcome the smell of smoked meats by our bedside, then there’s a place in my bedroom for smoked meats.

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