8 Things It’s OK For Guys To Find Adorable

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

One of the great things about growing from boy to man is dropping the pretense of uber-masculinity that young guys cling to so desperately. A 14-year-old will pretend like he’s not scared of anything, but a 24-year-old will admit that ants freak him the hell out. It’s all about getting comfortable with yourself and not worrying about looking more macho than Randy Savage.

This transition is also defined by a man’s ability to find things cute. A boy won’t think a pile of puppies is adorable, but a man will say, “Awww.” Here’s our not-at-all comprehensive list of things that men should feel no shame about finding adorable. The shame only comes when you build Tumblrs dedicated to them. That’s just weird.

1. Animals riding animals

2. Dads and daughters in matching T-shirts

Photo: Reddit

3. This kid and his French bulldog

Photo: Reddit

4. Babies dressed as lobsters

Photo: The Inquisitr

5. Giggling babies

6. Kate Upton and her dog

Photo: Kate Upton

7. Chris P. Bacon, the pig on wheels

Photo: Chris P. Bacon

8. This dog dressed as two dogs carrying a present

Photo: Boing Boing

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